Never Stop Trying to Quit Smoking!

Being a smoker for a long time is something that is actually very dangerous to oneself. It is such a thing that you should consider if you have not gotten addicted to cigarettes. You do not want to fall too deep with cigarette addiction and feel regrets at the end. However, if you have been a smoker all these times and you are thinking about quitting, it is actually a very good step. It starts from thinking about it and then you can think deeper, such as about the consequences, financial situation and so on.

Quitting smoking must be something that smokers feel hard to do, but it does not mean that you cannot do it. Everybody can do it if only they want to keep trying and doing whatever it takes to quit smoking. A strong willing is one thing that you have to have in your mind and heart. One of the ways that you can take is by replacing your real cigarettes with electronic cigarette. These cigarettes are actually not like the real cigarettes but it gives you some kind of sensation that you can get from the real cigarettes. So, you should check it out and see if it helps you quitting smoking. Get to know more from eCigs HQ: E-Cigarette Reviews, News, Coupon Codes & more…

Grow Your Own Stem Cells at Home?

New Technology Allows Organ and Tissue Rejuvenation Using Do-It-Yourself Adult Stem Cell Multiplication.

A little known company, previously flying under the public radar, is getting some attention now.

LifePharm Global Network reports approximately 100,000 people are currently secretly and not-so-secretly growing their own stem cells in their homes and offices without FDA oversight.
That oversight is not required by law, says Dr. Steven Petrosino, Ph.D.

And this doctor in particular doctor ought to know. Dr. Petrosino is a Scientific Member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), a member of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and is currently Senior Clinical Scientist, Department of Medical Affairs Immunology with Centocor, a biopharmaceutical subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, Inc.  A towering man, his unassuming demeanor in our interview belied his history as a Cobra Attack Helicopter Commander in the U.S.M.C., the fact that he is a member of MENSA and is the current holder of a Guinness World Record in Human Achievements.

“This technology is not a drug or a medicine and makes no claims that would invite FDA scrutiny,”, he said. It’s a whole food, a freeze dried ‘life-essence’ extract called “OPT9” that includes all essential and non-essential amino-acids, creating a perfect life-source substance”, continued Dr. Steve, as he prefers to be called.  “It’s a unique substance that causes a cascade of events internally, resulting in the nourishing and multiplication of existing non-differentiated adult stem cells in the human body. They’re known as pluri-potent stem-cells”, he adds, “stem cells that everyone has circulating in their body right now. This product gives a massive dose of “Fibroblast Growth Factor” to the body. That’s the substance that causes a child to grow so quickly, and recover from physical exhaustion and accidents faster than adults do. We are born with it in abundance but its presence diminishes as we come into physical maturity and we quit growing and start aging. The adult body has absolutely none.”

We inquired about this “cascade of events” he mentioned. Dr Steve explained it so even a layman could follow it. “The renewed presence of FGF causes the cells that constitute tissues and organs to produce a cross shaped molecule called Laminin. The base of the molecule, the long part, is firmly connected to the cell, while the three upper arms reach outward from the cell essentially “drawing” and binding other types of lamina to itself, forming what is known as the basil lamina. This ‘basil lamina globe’ of laminin surrounds and protects the cell from damage and binds it to other cells. Essentially Laminin is the ‘Glue’ that holds our tissues, our organs and yes – our very bodies together. But here’s where the rejuvenation comes in. Adult stem cells will go where the Laminin is. It’s a ‘dinner-bell’ so to speak; the unaffiliated stem cells are drawn to the presence of Laminin; they are fed by it and multiply as new cells, identical to that tissue. The absence of FGF, resulting in weaker Laminin Health protection for our cells, is why our cells weaken and our tissues and organs deteriorate, resulting in cellular degeneration, also known as aging.”

The Product is marketed primarily using per-to-peer networks and word-of-mouth, which explains why we haven’t seen it in stores and so few know about “Do it Yourself Stem Cell Therapy”.

Laminine is covered and protected by 13 Pharmaceutical Patents in China, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the U.S.A.

More information and sources to acquire this breakthrough technology of laminine health benefits can be found at:

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