Anonymous Std Testing and Home Testing

Having an in-depth and open conversation about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is not common practice, even between patients and health professionals. This is because the topic, though not taboo, involves very private and personal information that any person would not be comfortable in sharing. The stigma tied to STD further adds to the general reluctance of even the most sexually promiscuous individuals to participate in health-related discussions.

The worry about having to reveal very intimate information causes many at-risk individuals to delay testing and some to put it off indefinitely. Having an active infection and not being diagnosed is like being a walking time-bomb. One day the disease will show its ugly head, and I may be too late. The adverse effects many not just manifest in the infected individual, but people close to this person may also have been victimized by an unknown and undetected disease. Without anonymous STD testing, there will definitely be more worry amongst health officials about the uncontrolled spread of STDs in the population.

Sexually transmitted diseases are not always symptomatic. Chlamydia, for example, is a main cause of infertility. But once diagnosed, there are many available and effective options for treatment. Anonymous testing as well as home test kits now provide absolute surely that those who would otherwise not be diagnosed will be, and more importantly receive the most effective intervention.

The increasing appeal of self-implemented home kits have increased the timely diagnosis of STDs among at risk individuals. Though some home test kits have doubtful potency, there are packages the are the same tests used in private clinics and tertiary hospitals that provide correct and reliable results. STD home test kits that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration are now available over the counter and online as well.

Now that online access is very open, another major concern is the level of security offered by websites. Before deciding on a STD test online service provider, make sure their security measures are 100% foolproof. Aside from the dependability of the testing procedures, the testing center must also have the necessary auxiliary services such as medical and psychological counseling for positive test results recipients. In addition, the testing center must be able to refer the patient to the proper medical care facility for treatment and advice.

Public health experts have shown concern about the accuracy of home testing kits that are being offered in numerous websites, especially now that private home testing is available with the mass productions of dependable home kits. Regulating and monitoring the quality of these testing kits is one of the most urgent priorities of the US FDA. Companies manufacturing and offering these products to the public need to be fully compliant with public health program requirements before they are given the license to release their offers.


Having only the most reputable and dependable companies behind anonymous STD and home testing will ensure that individuals who need testing the most are diagnosed properly and at the proper time. Even public health officials recognize the importance of having online access to STD testing since there is no bigger problem than undiagnosed sexually transmitted diseases because lack of diagnosis is almost synonymous to uncontrolled spread of STDs.