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It is true that cd and dvd are popular, but it’s in the past! What is a very popular and convenient way to listen to music right now is mixtape, people will have better manners than CDs and CD players with it! People are now using a variety of devices, ranging from personal computer to the iPod, the compact and convenient and does not require any additional hardware to listen to the song. This means that you only have to feed in an audio file to their memory, in a format compatible with music player and so you can listen to the songs you want. This convenience factor is what makes people buy mixtapes.

The main advantage of these mixtapes is that you will be able to see the amount of more than one person enjoys the same price. And because most of the time you will be provided with new songs and coming singer and songwriter with the people already popular, you will be able to discover new talent and also enjoy your old favorites. And because most of the time these songs are like a continuation of the main melody, you will be able to create rhythmic and fun experience to enjoy.

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