Get the Secret of Korean Beauty

In the middle of vast Korean wave in all over the world, we do not only get mesmerized by the hype of its distinct music, but also the beautiful skin its women have. Both Korean women and men may have such milky white skin inherited by their ancestors, but that factor is not enough to give them perfection. The ideal of beautiful skin in Korea is not only being white, but also shining and flawless without blemish and redness. This is the reason why BB cream that was firstly found in Germany gets its popularity in East Asian countries, especially Korea and then followed by Japan.

The secret of Korean beauty through the application of BB cream makes the Korean cosmetic gains its fame. For woman, it’s not a secret anymore that traveling to Korea has something to do with cosmetic hunting. Fortunately, now we can get those products much more easily through online shop. In Korea, the big cosmetic brands which are popular with its BB cream are Etude House, Tony Moly, The Faceshop, Laneige, and any other else. Most of Korean beauty products have well-certified following the international standards. The emergence of Korean BB cream influences the beginning of similar markets in Europe and America. Now we can get that magic balm from NYX, MAC or Maybelline.

What BB Cream is actually doing to our skin? This cream basically is a combination of make-up and skin care. By applying this cream onto the skin, we’re going to get the benefits of foundation and make-up base, as well as moisturizer and sunscreen. It usually comes out in two colors only, the natural and the light one since BB cream is designed to fit any skin. Unlike foundation which comes out in more various colors and has thin texture, BB cream is thicker in texture since it is supposed to carry multiple layers of make-up in one compound.