Getting Rid of Pimples Before Prom

As a mother to two teenage boys I have walked in on some pretty interesting things, ranging from a one of my kids being covered head to toe in shaving cream to a kid trying to get rid of a room full of bubbles because he tried to do his own laundry and failed. Still, I was a little taken aback when I walked in on my son using my face cream. There he was with my collaskin slathered an inch thick on his face.

It turns out he was really self conscious about his acne and he wanted to ask the girl that lived across the street from us to his junior prom. Being his mother, I thought he looked adorable just as he was but I could also understand wanting to look your best. Looking like a million bucks makes you feel like a million bucks and can really help your self confidence.

So I helped him take the cream off his face showed him how to use it properly. After just one use his blemishes were all either gone or far smaller than they were. After a second use they had all but disappeared and he felt confident enough to ask his crush to be his date to prom. I helped him pick out a tux and a corsage and my husband and I insisted on coming over to the house across the street to see him pick up his date. I got tons of pictures and although my son was mortified and vowed to never talk to me again, the next day he had nothing but great things to say about his night. I’m not a perfect mom, I don’t always know the right thing to do but just this once, I think I did good.