Help Hidden in Plain Sight

Sometimes when I think about how things used to be and how they are now, I have to pause. I told myself that I would never join a weight loss program, but a click here ad changed that one day, and now I’m on a path to make myself as fit as possible. Sometimes you find inspiration in the places that you don’t expect to find them.

I really started to gain weight back in college and when I graduated, I still had all of the pounds that I started packing on in my freshman year. I became used to the excess weight and stopped trying to do anything about it. Procrastination set in, with each day resulting in a new excuse for why I wouldn’t be exercising. My diet didn’t make things any better.

The ad that started the revolution upon my body came from an email. Normally when I get ads in my inbox, they’re easy to detect. These ads usually have weird looking titles that seem as if they weren’t typed by a normal human. There are spelling and grammatical errors, or sometimes they don’t use any letters at all, using only special symbols found on mobile phones. Because the ad was disguised, I opened it, thinking it was a regular message.

When I saw that the message was an ad, I started to panic, because I thought that I had opened a message with some kind of virus or malware. I ran a virus scan, which came back clean. After I had a chance to calm down, I looked at the message again, and followed a link in the message, which took me to the website with the weight loss program. It was luck that I even bothered to open the message, because I could have trashed it.