Hosting Your Own Blog

First, we need a good web host with great features, including support for PHP and a relatively large storage found. In this economy, it is very difficult for a paid host with these features to find without spending hundreds of dollars per year. Even

Once you do that, install the FTP client on your desktop, such as FileZilla or FireFTP. Once you do, your user name and password for the FTP in the “View Account Details” on 000webhost cPanel gather it. Once you connect to your server, most of the hard work you are ready to set the host.

Then, to install WordPress, go to and download the compressed folder and download you can find anywhere. Grab a spot, and then upload it to your FTP server by right-clicking on the folder in your FTP client and click “Submit”. Make sure when you upload it, not in a folder named “WordPress” or else you will have to go to / WordPress not

Now, after you have downloaded WordPress, is hosted once again. Little work done to 000webhost Login and go to your cPanel. Go to the “MySQL” under “Software / Services”. Enter the name of the MySQL database, MySQL username and password that is easy to remember. Now, in order to facilitate the installation, go to cPanel once again, and went all the way to the “Account Tools” and do the “Fix File Ownership” and “Fix File Permissions”, so the initial installation and install themes and plugins later is a much simpler affair .

Now, to install for 5 minutes – go to and follow the installation instructions. You can view information about your database once more from your 000webhost cPanel “MySQL” under “Software / Services”. Put all of this information, and within a few minutes your blog is ready for use! Finally, here are some extras to the newly created blog. First and foremost, you want to import your old blog content. To do something in WordPress You must login to / wp-login.php. “Impor”.”>In the left sidebar, go to “Tools” -> “Import”. Determine the applicable categories, and follow the step by step instructions on how to download later.

This plugin is very useful in WordPress features such as polling, search engine optimization, sitemap generation, related post generators, login customizers, all you can think to add! “New”.”>To add a new plugin, go to the “Plugins” -> “New”. There are some really useful that can add functionality and automate many processes to simplify your life.

Finally, you want to change the default theme into something that complements your blog content material. “Tema” di sidebar di sebelah kiri pada tab Dashboard dan klik “Install Themes” di bagian atas.”>To be able to add the “Appearance” -> “Themes” in the sidebar on the left of the Dashboard tab and click the “Install Themes” at the top. Choose an interesting one, and make your content stand out and remain unique.

If you still don’t know how to do it you can get help from blog install service.