I Feel So Much Better About Myself Now

It did not occur to me how important a smile is until I found myself in the position of not wanting to show my teeth to anyone anymore. I finally did something about it after my boyfriend said something about it, and I found myself incredibly embarrassed. It is really easy to find cosmetic dentistry in Singapore that is done by excellent doctors. I had been hearing about it all my life, and I finally understood that it was time for me to get some work done.

I have never really had great teeth to begin with. So my photos never showed me as looking very friend and open for many years. I always looked so out of place in groups of people when it was photo time. I did not think about it much until other people would point it out to me. Isn’t that how it always is with many things in life? You don’t notice it or feel fine about it until one person repeatedly brings up or many people make offhanded comments about something to bring it to the front of your thoughts. I often try to ignore these things and make sure that I’m not someone who does it to others, but despite that, other people continually do it. That is the type of thing that caused me to want to make a change for myself.

I knew that getting some cosmetic work would make me feel better about the way I look. I just didn’t expect it to make me feel happier, but that is exactly what happened. I feel so much more confident around other people now. I feel like the real me is finally showing through when I meet someone and flash a smile at them. I like that it also makes others feel comfortable around me, too.