I’m Wearing a Bigger Bra Now

Having smaller breasts never bothered me when I was younger. I was on the track team, and it actually helped me perform better to have the shape that I did. As I got older though, I started changing the way I viewed my body. I know that I shouldn’t care if I look different than most other women, but I did care. I wanted to have a bigger breast size without having to have breast enhancement surgery. I had actually looked into surgery options, but I did not feel comfortable going under the knife for the look I wanted.

Because of that decision, I thought that I was just going to have to settle with what I was given. I knew that there were things out there that people claimed would give me a bigger bust, but I honestly thought that none of them could possibly work. When a good friend of mine told me about a cream she had been trying and was actually seeing a change in her breast size because of it, I had to find out more. She gave me the website where she had learned about the cream herself, and I went there to get educated.

That is exactly what I got there too. I was able to learn about the cream and pill combination she was taking, and it all made sense to me afterwards. I never considered that the ingredients in these types of creams were hormone based, which is exactly what is needed for bigger breasts. It is what happens naturally in a woman’s body, so it makes sense that these same ingredients in a cream would help increase the size of a woman’s breasts. I started using the cream and taking the pills not long after, and that was nearly six months ago. I’m now wearing a full size bigger bra!