Medications to Help with Difficult Menstruation

For a few years now, I have been having pretty awful symptoms during my menstrual period and it is starting to really affect my life in a number of ways that I do no enjoy. I am tyring to get my life back and so I want to try some different medications that might be able to help me out. I am trying to find some more information on Crystal X because I was reading about it on a site that is in another language and I do not think that the web browser did a great job of translating, but I am not sure. It would just be good to get some more information about it so I can decide if I want to buy it and give it a shot.

I definitelyw ant to try something though, because this has gone on for too long and every month I come to dread the onset of my period. That is not how life should be and so I really think I need some help in one form or another. I am not sure the best solution for this issue, so I am going to do what research and I can and then I will go from there.

I would prefer to try a product that is natural and made from natural products like plants, as opposed to going straight to some sort of chemical. I think that is the best plan of action, and if I try a few natural products and then it comes that I do not see much improvement with them, then I will try something less natural. I just think I should rule out natural approaches first, before trying anything more drastic. It is a natural body cycle after all, so it seems something natural could help balance it.