Nothing spices up your life more than love pills!

I do not know why people keep telling husbands want sex more than wives do! After more than a decade of married life I have a good reason to assure that males and women do need sex equally badly. By all means, you cannot develop and improve on pure physiology for ages but sex is a huge part of intimate communication between your spouse and you. It is a kind of drug that makes you want to come back to the same lover again and again.

We have always been great partners, my honey and I. The first couple of years together were full of sex games. We could take delight in each other’s bodies daily, sometimes repeatedly. Our buddies used to tease us that it is next to impossible to lure us out of bed even at daytime, and it was our sweet reality! Later, however, we turned to having sex every other day, which is usually considered average. Nevertheless, we were absolutely happy and satisfied with each other.

When my husband lost interest in sex I felt what treasure we are deprived of. The bulk of wives might think of him finding another woman and quenching his thirst elsewhere. Well, view is distorted. His sex urge, erection and durability have been weakening for a couple of years while he was receiving one promotion after another and making money for our household. I hated to see him so absorbed by his job and so tired. We had no sex for weeks. My sweetheart, once so desirous and hot, slipped under the blanket and drifted away into his usual vulnerable sleep. If I attempted to hint that I want him, my man would lie on his back letting me enjoy myself and do it as quick as possible. It was not thrilling at all, trust me!

Month of such torture turned my husband into a bad tempered irritating character. He even started shouting at our children and chose sleeping in his study, which was new and frustrating. Regular headaches, colds and insomnia followed his nervous outbursts. I made up my mind and started persuading my darling go and see a doctor. After weeks of refusing me pointblank he finally consented and I took him to our MD.

When we came to get medical assistance it was not too late, thank goodness! But having enough rest and relaxation was not enough for my husband get rid of erectile dysfunction. As our doc explained it, the CNS of my darling has been undermined by his way of life and things have gone too far. The MD was kind enough to guide me on my husband’s diet and outdoors activities that might be good for him and told my darling to enjoy at least 6 hours of sleep every night. All those pieces of advice were aimed at normalizing his poor condition.

As for the remedy‚Ķ Well, the doc prescribed my man to take erection pills in order to support his feeble sex performance and return him his men’s power. The most astonishing fact was that the doc adviced choosing generic ‘love pills’ but not brand ones because medical reports promised the patients with erectile dysfunction 99.9% efficiency, 15-30 minutes body effect and over 24 hours of durability.

I can clearly see my man’s uneasy face when he was holding a little smooth pill in his hand, getting it in his mouth and washing it down with some water. He looked like the world has stopped spinning after he had taken ‘love pills’ that have this intricate whiff of gossip and scandal around them. The very first pill use was a perfect success! The tabs that were taken the following days were even more impressive in their power and bady effect.

I should admit the generic erection med my honey purchased had a wonderful effect on him! He had been like that when we first met about 17 years ago – passionate, sultry, irresistible, unstoppable and even dominating!

I am a little ashamed to speak about it but we had to run away from our house and spend some nights in the just-married suite to let the steam of our lust out without running our air of wise and loving parents and good neighbors!

“Love pills”, especially generic erection stimulants have have such a doubtful record that guys often choose to compromise their family and love relations, sacrifice their health and happiness, rather than start to take them. What a shame! What idiot can state that once you take a ‘love pill’ you will never be able to have sex without Viagra? Who told you that you will get in a surgery with priapism? You will never do if you do not overdose the pills and make sure you have sex after the drug intake! Any perfect invention of human brain can become harmful in hands of a fool, like fire or gun power, I bet! Erection drugs, either brand or generic, are a great way out. They are a flawless solution for all men whose life ways undermine their sex drive.

Erase all Viagra myths and follow a wise doctor’s advice: if you need to have sex, have it at once. If you do not have the urge to have sex after a while without it take a generic love pill and savor it! It is the right way to ideal medical condition, good looks, love between husband and wife and longevity.