Pharma Careers

I have a friend ( let’s call him Adam for example sake ) and he used to work for a pharmaceutical company that sells orthopedic implants . One day , a friend asked , ” Adam , how long have you like this , carrying a large bag around and begging for sale ? ” While Adam was close to $ 30,000.00 in incentives alone at that point of time , he was stunned . He does not seem to have the right answer .

But today , I am pleased to report that Adam is the Regional Sales Manager for the local generic drug business , promoting a wide range of anti- hypertensive across the country . He had people who reported to him , and its main task is to penetrate , develop and maintain accounts , especially the government sector hospitals .

He can fly like the color of pharmaceutical sales career without sweat and blood as a representative in advance . He was still carrying the bag , but with different content , style and purpose . He had a career – for now . Knowing him , I know that this is just another job before he moves forward .

So , if I questioned whether a pharmaceutical agent is a dream job or another dead-end job , my answer was just depends on what you want from it requested . You can stick with the job and do the detailing bags and beg for the sale of all of your work life or you may decide to go ahead and make a career . Of It is entirely up to you or pharma recruitment agencies.