Replay in Football

Another concern is the cost of installing the necessary equipment in every stadium where football is played . Once again , the simple answer is that the football replay equipment will not be in every stadium , but at least where an important game being played , and of course in all major league stadiums required . If you can afford to spend on the rights of millions of dollars to buy a player for sure you can afford to bet . Several thousand dollars worth of equipment replicates

And then there is positive , which essentially eliminates the controversy over bad calls or missed to stand , cheating ( think French ) to go ahead and make the winners from the losers and the winners from the losers . Duration of their team even if you are only limited replay purposes will benefit from the results of the game and its fans .

It really is time for FIFA to the 21st century . Especially if the brain trust FIFA have their heads could come up with instant replay system that will improve the game of football , which would be quite affordable and usually , it would be so much controversy took a game that we love together . Let’s hope he’s out for the next World Cup .