The Application of Classical Style in Small – Sized Bedroom

If you are asked about what kind of today’s most popular interior decoration is, you may simply answer that it is contemporary or minimalist. Yes, it is not wrong at all by seeing the fact that many people now prefer choosing such design as it is perfectly symbolizing the modernity. However, it doesn’t mean that the demanders of classical or antique style are being diminished. Classical interior decoration has its own beauty and preciousness that cannot be found on the contemporary ones. One of them is about the applications of complicated details or more carvings that can make it look more expensive, indeed.

If you are one of the lovers of classical designs, surely, you must also provide at least a set of antique furniture as well. As you probably know, furniture is not only the things to support your activity inside the home but also it is one of the most important elements to make the interior much livelier and more elegant. There are many things actually you should consider more before deciding to use such classical design along with its antique furniture. The first and the most important are about the size of the rooms available. Well, it is known that complicated accents applied on antique furniture can simply conduct such stuffy and cramped feeling. Therefore, there are no other reasons, it is much better if you should prepare larger room to make the atmosphere look more comfortable. It is mostly about your bedroom in which you particularly need them to relax and take a rest. If you think that your bedroom is not larger enough, it is suggested then if you should better lessen the application of details on your antique bedroom furniture. Well, if you are afraid that it will diminish the sense of classic more, you may use the bold colorings, such as rustic brown, maroon, or even gold. Another consideration is about the balancing. Yes, although it seems that antique and classical terms are closely associated with more details, ornaments and carvings, but if the size of rooms are not supporting at all, you must combine the ornaments with the plain ones. As an example, if the structure of the bed is already having so much carving, therefore, you may apply such a plain bedcover or something.

Not only is the bed that you should think more, there are many kinds of furniture should be in your bedroom, like chairs, desk, dresser, wardrobe and many others. But surely, you may also consider their effectiveness inside so that they won’t make the bedroom look narrower. Don’t forget to add more windows and ventilations to get the best air circulation.