The Rise of Plastic Surgery in the Philippines

Cosmetic surgery tourism has markedly grown in popularity over the years. Destinations such as Thailand, South Africa, Poland, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Brazil and Argentina are the go to place when you want to consider a more affordable plastic surgery. What do the Philippines have to offer? Below are the reasons why you need to consider plastic surgery in the Philippines:

One reason to have plastic surgery in the Philippines is the cost. Note that the present exchange rate is 1 USD is to 43 Pesos, as of August 2013. The cost of plastic surgery in this country is only a portion of the overall cost as compared to other countries particularly those in Europe and the United States. The typical breast augmentation procedure will roughly cost around USD 7,000 to 8,000 in the US while in the Philippines, it will only be around USD 3,000 to 4,000.

Apart from the cost being the primary consideration, it should not be the only factor to determine your choice of plastic surgeon. Choosing the best plastic surgeon is one of the most important decisions to consider. In the Philippines, there are a handful of highly qualified plastic surgeons that will gladly to both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. These physicians underwent formal training that adds up to their impeccable reputation.

Check out the plastic surgeon’s credentials and find out if they are members of the Philippine Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, Inc. Make sure that before you consider undergoing plastic surgery in the Philippines that your choice of surgeon is certified by the Philippine Board of Plastic Surgery which is the only organization tasked by the Philippine College of Surgeons to grant board certification in the field of plastic surgery.

Most hospitals or other allied medical centers in the Philippines are equipped with state of the art technology assuring patients that they are going to receive quality health care that can be at par with world class standards. Make sure that you ask the hospital if their institution is accredited by the Department of Health.

Apart from these reasons for you to consider having plastic surgery in the Philippines are the people you will come in contact with. Generally, Filipinos are known to be compassionate, caring, and cheerful. Note that the nursing care provided in the United Kingdom and in the US is both impressive and legendary. The same holds true for physicians. These characteristics are what make these health care professional excel in their field of interest.

You might find the language barrier quite frustrating especially for foreign patients; this is not the case when you consider having plastic surgery in the Philippines because Filipinos are fluent in English. Note that communication between doctor and patient is crucial so that both parties will know what they want from the surgery before, during and after.

Having plastic surgery in the Philippines offer an array of advantages to potential patients of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, the affordable costs, reputable plastic surgeons, and world class facilities make this country a potential site for cosmetic tourism industry.