Use Push Up Variations

Push ups are, without a doubt, the best upper body exercises. They increase the triceps, chest, shoulders, and even the core is done the right way. They are essential elements for weight circuit routine. But what if you’ve mastered to the point that you have to do to make dozens. Challenging Conversely, what if you’re a “newbie” to the training or you’re a woman who does not have the upper body strength to perform. Standard push-ups With this variation, you can adjust your schedule according to your condition if you increase the strength. You can even combine them together in the right order to make a superset challenge that veterans will challenge the decision.

Elevated Push Ups

In order to increase the difficulty simply by increasing the angle of the foot. This is easily done by putting your feet on a chair. Stairs ideal because when you get stronger, you can put your feet up the stairs. A wall can be used. Brick and stucco walls a little better than fine as a result of the friction factor, and these steps, you can easily increase the difficulty by moving your feet on the wall. Yet another aspect of the wall push-up is the need to push your legs when you push up against the wall. Remember that when you increase the angle of the shoulder muscles are more involved and work less for chest but still muscular.

Declined Push Ups

It increased the contrary, with a hand on the seat location of the foot. It works equally well on the stairs because you can gradually decrease your hands as you get stronger. Wall push-ups will only work on a steep angle. Uncomfortable wrist angle and friction is no longer enough to put you on the wall as you approach the parallel.

Kneeling Push Ups

Have you ever heard about “girls push up? Yes this is it, by doing this kneeling push ups you can still get upper body strength even for novice athletes or people who just do not force the body to the standard push-ups to do. They are also useful if you want to throw a superset supersets or three which I will explain later.

Three Push Up Superset

Triple Superset excellent for use as part of a series, the non-opponent leg exercises, or as a chest exercise with only a short period of rest in between each set. It is a major force for advanced athletes in the upper body has been developed. Start with your feet elevated wall and do push-ups to failure. When failure is reached, lowering your feet on the ground and do the exercises until you reach failure again. Now lower your knees to the ground and do push-ups on his knees failure.

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If you want to do more you can watch this push up variationsvideo below!