Why its so Essential to Clean Surgical Instruments with Ultrasonic Cleaners

There are all kinds of professionals in the Health Care industry and in the Infection Control community that continuously depend on the efficiency and reliability that is consistently delivered by medical ultrasonic cleaners. The health of a countless number of patients that have had and will have to undergo many different types of procedures performed depend on the cleanliness off the medical instruments being used. This is true for medical doctors, specialists, dentists, orthodontist, and the medical professionals that are employed by ambulatory surgery centers, outpatient clinics, medical facilities, and hospitals. The reason so many facilities like this depend on these powerful machines is because it only takes just a few minutes to clean hundreds of instruments, which protects patients from acquiring serious infections and diseases.

A medical ultrasonic cleaner is a vital necessity in any establishment that provides health care settings to patients that require dental or medical procedures be performed. There are numerous instruments that are regularly used in the dental and health care fields that require the highest level of disinfection and cleaning to be had. To name a few of these include dental mirrors, saliva ejectors, drills, periodontal probes, dental excavators, explorers and tweezers, scalpels, orthopedic sets, ophthalmic instruments, clamps, and many others.

One reason these cleaning machines are more reliable, healthier, and more efficient than any other method is they can clean areas that are virtually impossible to get to when another method is used. Aside from effectively cleaning internal passages and crevices, they work just as well on external surfaces that have become heavily soiled. This gives dentists, orthodontists, and health care professionals the assurance that the instruments they use will be thoroughly cleaned and safe to use. All the internal and external areas on instruments and equipment are ‘scrubbed’ thousands of times each second through cavitation while the cleaning process is taking place. Another advantage is even the most delicate items that are highly polished can be cleaned in a medical ultrasonic cleaner. This is because the solution that is used in these cleaning machines does not contain any harsh chemicals or abrasives.

When the cleaning cycle is started the process of cavitation occurs. This causes million of super small bubbles to form and implode against the items that are being cleaned. This action loosens and removes any germs, bacteria, or other contaminants that can get on medical instruments while they are being used, and it leaves them spotlessly clean and ready to use again.

To ensure the best possible choice is made in a medical ultrasonic cleaner, dental and medical professionals have the option of selecting from a wide assortment of helpful features, and the tank, basket and lid are made from the most durable stainless steel. Some of the available features include temperature controls, digital cleaning timers, a choice in the frequency or frequencies, drying tanks, and several different cleaner and tank size options, There are also many choices in low, medium, and high-quality machines. While medium and low quality machines may work for other applications, it is essential to use only the highest-level of quality cleaning machine when cleaning instruments and equipment used in the dental and medical fields.